Animals abused for fashion

Millions of animals are suffering around the world for fashion every year. Many are caged, mutilated and face a brutal death for our clothing choices. FOUR PAWS has been working to help end fur farming for over 30 years. We are committed to ending mulesing in Australia, stamp out the live plucking of ducks and geese internationally, and are raising awareness of the fate of wildlife who are used for exotic leather.   

Mulesing of lambs 

Mulesing is currently performed on approx 70% of Merino wool sheep in Australia. Due to the suffering caused, mulesing has been banned in New Zealand, however, it can still be legally performed in Australia, and without any pain relief. 


Fur Animals: Suffering for Fashion

Despite remarkable progress, millions of foxes, minks, rabbits, cats, dogs and raccoon dogs continue to be brutally farmed and slaughtered for their fur every year


Live Feather Plucking

Down is a common filling material used in fashion and textiles worldwide, and is especially used by fashion brands who cater for winter or outdoor apparel. 


Fur Free Retailer

There's plenty of fur-free fashion – the Fur Free Retailer tells you where. FOUR PAWS Australia is the Australian representative of the Fur Free Retailer program, connecting brands to the global program. 


Real Fur vs. Faux Fur

With so many popular brands opting to fake the real deal, faux fur has never looked so stylish. Real fur, meanwhile, often comes in bright, eye-popping colours making it tricky to recognise.  


Mulesing – ‘The Problem, The Risks, The Solution’

After extensive research and industry engagement, FOUR PAWS has produced guidebook, Transitioning away from mulesed sheep wool, for fashion brands.


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