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Power of Adoption


Think about adoption before you buy a puppy

When welcoming a new companion animal into your life, choosing to adopt an animal from a shelter or rescue group not only saves the life of that animal, but also positively contributes to the ongoing fight against animal overpopulation and homelessness.

Thousands of wonderful animals, including purebred dogs and cats, are brought to shelters daily not because of something they have done, but because their owners are moving, sick, passed away, having a baby, etc. leaving these once beloved pets in desperate need of a new forever home. This is where the power and beauty of adoption comes into play, by altering not just the owner’s life for the better, but by also providing a safe haven and second chance in life for a deserving animal in need. That’s why FOUR PAWS always recommends adopting an animal rather than buying one.


Sadly, millions of healthy animals continue to be killed in shelters each year, while unscrupulous breeders–often referred to as puppy farmers– churn out thousands of new puppies every day. These are the types of puppies (and kittens) typically available for sale at pet stores, however, it’s becoming even more common for people to buy pets online via classified ad websites.


Buyer beware

Some websites have as many as 200,000 advertisements featuring pets for sale online at any one time, with over 4 million viewers. Unfortunately, poor regulations have allowed many classified ad websites to become a haven for deception and animal suffering; many ads even offer banned species, endangered species, and illegally imported animals for sale. This is a major problem and many websites fail to meet any humane standards for protecting animals sold online, as well as hurting buyers. As a result, millions of animals suffer and people looking for a pet online could end up with a sick, dangerous, or even illegal animal.  


For example, fake photos of happy looking puppies and false assurances given by puppy farm breeders dupe many well-intentioned owners into buying puppies that are sick, have genetic defects, and behavioural issues. This can cost new owners thousands of dollars in veterinary bills and immense heartbreak for the poor dogs obtained from the terrible housing conditions. Because of this, we strongly recommend not to buy pets via social media sites such as Facebook. 

We have also developed a set of measures to help protect the wellbeing of animals sold via online platforms. Help us stop pet deception online, and read more about our Thanks eBay campaign.