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No charge for Cecil’s hunter


On Monday the Zimbabwean Government announced that American dentist Walter Palmer, the hunter of Cecil the lion,  will not be charged for killing the famous lion. According to Environment Minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri, his hunting papers were in order and that’s why he doesn’t have to fear any legal punishment. A local professional hunter is expected to appear in court this Thursday where it may be decided if his indictment will be quashed. He too has denied any wrongdoing.

International animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS is very disappointed that the Zimbabwean Government seems to draw almost no consequences out of the Cecil scandal. Shortly after Cecil’s death  Zimbabwe announced a ban of lion hunting. Now it is unclear if anyone will be made legally responsible for the cruel killing. The trophy hunting of lions is always linked to animal cruelty no matter if it is legal or illegal.


Cecil is an ambassador for all the lions that are killed legally in Africa

The killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe has highlighted the brutal excesses of trophy hunting. The lion was shot with a bow and arrow and suffered for 40 hours before he was killed. His fate became public, but he is not the only victim of a gruesome sport. In South Africa every day about three lions are killed by mainly unprofessional, foreign hunters. In the so called “Canned Hunts” animals that are used to humans have no chance to escape.

FOUR PAWS has been campaigning for a ban on canned hunting and commercial lion breeding farms in South Africa for years

The international animal welfare organisation aims to improve the situation for big cats on an international level: To protect both the lions of the South African breeding industry and the endangered and threatened wild living animals like Cecil, FOUR PAWS is demanding European countries and the U.S.  to impose a ban on the import of lion hunting trophies. Australia has taken a leading role in imposing an import ban on lion hunting trophies.


Please sign our petition and stop this brutal business!