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Update on BLOOD LIONS documentary Australian tour


The cruel canned hunting industry exposed

FOUR PAWS Australia was proud to sponsor the BLOOD LIONS documentary Australian Tour in September 2015. Blood Lions brilliantly exposes the cruel and barbaric industry of captive lion breeding and canned hunting and has already sent shock waves through South Africa.


With FOUR PAWS’ support, Australia tour organiser For the Love of Wildlife was able to bring over Ian Michler (lead role) from South Africa to host Q&A and panel discussions after the screenings. Ian also met with Australia’s Minister for the Environment, to congratulate Australia on its world first ban on the import of lion trophies and body parts.


Watch the chilling trailer:


The tour which screened in Fremantle, Sydney and Melbourne was a great success. Thanks to all those who contributed to its success.


FOUR PAWS campaigns relentlessly to end canned hunting. Please learn more about this gruesome industry and sign our petition to end it.


Please visit the Blood Lions website for more information on the documentary.