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Help us stop Pet Deception online

Nowadays it is common to buy animals online via classified ad sites. No matter if you are seeking a puppy, kitten, rabbit or a horse, the internet offers whatever the buyer pleases with just a click of a button.

This is particularly true for dogs and puppies which are really popular. Millions of people search for them on the internet every day. 


However, poor regulations, and failure to implement strict standards on these websites to protect animals and their buyers, have transformed this market into a hot spot for consumer deception and animal suffering. It is in the hands of global companies such as eBay, which operates 17 classified ad sites around the world (including Gumtree Australia), to change this and lead the way.

A lot of people make money from the popularity of dogs. They are easy to breed and insufficient regulations means that many cute puppies are born to mum and dad dogs who are kept as breeding machines in horrible conditions on puppy farms. These puppies are often taken away from their mums before the end of their nursing period and frequently suffer from severe health problems.


Many of these puppies end up for sale on online sales platforms, making purchasing a puppy online a risky business for both the puppies and the buyer. 

FOUR PAWS has developed a set of measures to help protect the wellbeing of animals sold via online platforms.


Please add your voice and call on eBay to lead the way in protecting animals and their costumers by implementing the FOUR PAWS measures across all its sites.


Visit and sign our petition to stop the pet deception!