Foxes caged in a fur farm

Let's end fur farming

Millions of animals - minks, chinchillas, foxes, raccoon dogs, dogs and cats - are farmed and killed every year for the brutal fur trade. Here at FOUR PAWS, we are calling for a ban in fur sales and building pressure to shut down fur farms, ending animal suffering at the source. Your donation will go far in helping us create more change for these animals. Help us close more fur farms and end fur farming once and for all!

About the Wear it Kind campaign

Over two billion animals end up in fashion and textiles from the fur, leather and wool industries alone. Every year. We believe that the time has come for fashion that is kinder to animals, humans and the planet. Really there should be no other kind of fashion. Join our #WearItKind movement and promote kindness to animals, people and the environment by wearing clothes that match your values.

About your donation

This project highlights one of the many FOUR PAWS activities which help animals around the world, showing the difference that we can make for animals together. Donations are used where they are needed most to help protect animals globally. 

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Your privacy is important to us. Any personal information you provide to us will be dealt with in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Collection Notice which explains how we collect and handle your personal information. Further information in regard to donations can be found here.

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