Elephant Kaavan in his enclosure with FOUR PAWS expert, Dr. Amir Khalil

#FreeKaavan: Donate today to help the World’s loneliest elephant

Asian elephant Kaavan has experienced many hardships, but now we have an opportunity to help him! We are planning to relocate elephant Kaavan but we need your help.

About Kaavan

Kaavan was brought to Pakistan as one-year old baby elephant, he suffered from lack of veterinarian care, and was sometimes even kept in chains, for years. Sadly, Kaavan is widely known as the "world's loneliest elephant", but we want to change his fate. 

The Islamabad High Court has assigned our veterinarian, Dr Amir Khalil, with the logistical organisation for Kaavan’s relocation from Pakistan to the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary where his new life can start. With the relocation of Kaavan, the infamous zoo in Islamabad will finally close!

Kaavan’s transfer is supported by our friends at Free The Wild and its co-founder, US superstar Cher. This will be one of the most difficult and expensive animal rescue missions FOUR PAWS has ever done, but we are optimistic and ready for this challenge. Today, we need your support. Any donation will help us to change Kaavan’s life. Thank you!

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This project highlights one of the many FOUR PAWS activities which help animals around the world, showing the difference that we can make for animals together. Donations are used where they are needed most to help protect animals globally. 

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