Helping elephants and zebras

About the Tsavo Conservation Area

The team at Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit operates in collaboration with the Kenya Wildlife Service and is led by veterinarian Dr. Poghon. They:

  • treat animals targeted by poachers, and increasingly those injured through conflict with humans, an issue of growing concern, as human populations expand into areas previously home onto to wildlife, bringing elephants and people into ever closer proximity to one another.
  • rescue orphaned infant wildlife, including elephants, rhinos, giraffes and zebras. They bring these animals into the care of the Sheldrick Trust, so they can be raised and returned to the wild when grown.
helping elephants

How could your donation help?

Your donation could make all the difference:

  • $15 could help to buy materials such as needles and syringes for the medical care of injured animals
  • $50 is the cost on average of fuel costs for one day's rescue missions
  • $80 is the average for the anaesthesia and antibiotic injection for animals who were shot or injured by snare traps
helping deers at Tsavo

About your donation

This project highlights one of the many FOUR PAWS activities which help animals around the world, showing the difference that we can make for animals together. Donations are used where they are needed most to help protect animals globally. 

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