Bear in a poorly-kept zoo

help us reunite this bear family

Last year, we rescued Frol and Frosia from a barren concrete enclosure in Ukraine. Now we want to give their parents, Sirko and Ruta, the same chance for a new, better life. Can you help us reunite this bear family at our BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr?

About Sirko and Ruta

Sirko and Ruta languish in barren enclosures, with no chance to be bears and engage in natural behaviour. They have no enrichment, no place to hide and no pool to swim in, even though swimming is a favourite activity for bears.

We were heartbroken last year that we were not able to rescue Frol and Frosia’s parents, Sirko and Ruta, at the same time but we never gave up on them. And we have good news - we now have the unique chance to get them out of there and reunite this beautiful bear family! 

Only with your help, we could bring them to our BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr, so they can be bears again. Can you help? 

bear in a cage

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