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FOUR PAWS completes successful rescue of three bear cubs

International animal protection organisation, FOUR PAWS, has successfully completed the transfer of three orphaned bear cubs from Bulgaria to Greece, where the cubs will now receive species-appropriate care to prepare them for life in the wild.


On Saturday 21st April, three 3-month-old bear cubs were found without their mother, near the village of Barutin in the Rhodope mountains in Southern Bulgaria.


Most likely orphaned as a result of their mother being killed or chased away by poachers, the two female and one male bear cubs were in desperate need of assistance.


The local Ministry of Environment and Water decided together with regional environment and water inspectors to bring the cubs to the nearby DANCING BEARS PARK Belitsa, a sanctuary run by FOUR PAWS and the BRIGITTE BARDOT FOUNDATION.


During the cubs’ time at the sanctuary, they were examined and cared for by veterinarians, quickly doubling their size in just one month.  


After receiving 24 hour care at the sanctuary for the past few weeks, the bear cubs were successfully transferred this week to bear rescue and rehabilitation centre ARCTUROS in Greece.


Specialising in raising orphaned bears, the three bears will receive species-appropriate care which will prepare them for life in the wild.


“We are so happy and relieved that the three bears will spend about a year under the special care of the experienced team of the sanctuary, who will prepare them for reintroduction to the wild,” said Elise Burgess, Head of Communications, FOUR PAWS Australia.


For more information, images or comments, please contact:
Elise Burgess
Head of Communications
FOUR PAWS Australia
M: 0423873382