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New enclosure at Kuterevo Bear Refuge opened


The new bear enclosure at Kuterevo Bear Refuge has officially been opened and bears Mirna and Viktor have already taken up residence. FOUR PAWS recently transferred Mirna and Viktor to Kuterevo and after their adaption period they were allowed to move into their new home. After years of living behind bars in a cramped zoo enclosure with a concrete floor, the bears are now enjoying a new life with soft grass under their feet.

Bear Victor seems to be relieved that his life behind bars is now a thing of the past.
© FOUR PAWS | Chris Flechtner

After their transfer to Kuterevo, Mirna and Viktor first remained in their adaption boxes for a few days to give their keepers an opportunity to check their health condition and observe their behaviour. Gradually, they became accustomed to their 5,000 square metres outdoor enclosure. During this adaption phase, the bears could always retreat to their boxes. Now they are sufficiently accustomed to their new, wide surroundings in a natural environment and have been released into their new home for good. They now have trees to climb, a pool to bathe in and soft earth to burrow in. Instead of a concrete floor, they can now run across a green meadow every day.

After years of living behind bars bear Mirna enjoys the nature in the new large enclosure.
© FOUR PAWS | Chris Flechtner

Financial and technical support from FOUR PAWS

FOUR PAWS signed a cooperation agreement with the Croatian ‘Kuterevo Bear Refuge’ back in September 2014. The organisation gave financial and technical support for the construction of the new enclosures for Mirna and Viktor, and paid for the bears’ transport and medical care. Another enclosure is already being planned, to accommodate the last bears remaining in private keeping in Croatia at unlicensed mini zoos or as tourist attractions at restaurants.

FOUR PAWS gives bears Mirna & Victor a new life