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Take Action: Sign our petition for Ukraine's bears


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Thanks to relentless campaigning by FOUR PAWS, the abuse of bears for dog fighting and baiting has been banned by law in Ukraine since 2015. Nevertheless, the bears continue to be exploited illegally in hunting stations or legally as an attraction next to restaurants, hotels and recreational facilities.


Now, a new legislative initiative could finally end this cruelty! The bill, which is currently in the hands of the Ukrainian Parliament, would ban the keeping of bears on hunting stations and at restaurants, hotels and other recreational facilities.


Sign NOW and appeal to the Ukrainian Parliament to enforce this Bill!


You can find the petition here...

The gruesome practice of bear-baiting

Although the use of bears in bear baiting has been illegal since 2015, around 15 to 20 bears still suffer the torture. The bears are attacked by hunting dogs as part of the dogs’ training. They are hardly able to defend themselves. They are chained, often underfed and in some cases, all their claws are removed so that they cannot seriously injure the dogs. The pulling out of a single claw causes excruciating pain. As with many other animals, there are many nerves surrounding a bear’s claws and they are a living part of their body. The pulling out of a claw is comparable to cutting off a human’s fingertip.


More than 100 bears in terrible captivity

In total, we estimate that there are approximately 100 bears in Ukraine that are privately owned and are being exploited for the entertainment of tourists. They eke out a miserable existence in tiny cages near restaurants, hotels and even petrol stations. Their purpose: to attract the attention of human beings. 


FOUR PAWS, active in the Ukraine since 2012

Because of FOUR PAWS’ efforts since 2012, more bears have been freed from a dismal existence and brought to BEAR SANCTUARY Nadiya, the government-led Bear Capture Centre Synevyr and BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr.


Five bears are currently living at our BEAR SANCTUARY Nadiya in Zhytomyr (Western Ukraine). Unfortunately, the sanctuary has reached its capacity by now, but we are very happy that with our BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr we can now finally offer a more species-approriate life for other bears!