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Around 2,900 of the nearly 5,000 working elephants in Myanmar belong to state-owned enterprises; the rest are in private hands. For decades, the abused animals have been working for the state-owned Myanmar Timber Enterprise. However, the ban on raw timber export has rendered over 1,000 elephants “jobless”. For their owners, the elephants are now considered useless and a financial burden. As a result, these animals are often abandoned, killed, or smuggled to neighbouring countries for tourism purposes.

“Working elephants live in terrible conditions. They have been deprived of their natural habitat and are forced to live chained in elephant camps." - FOUR PAWS vet Dr. Amir Khalil.


FOUR PAWS constructs ELEPHANTS LAKE sanctuary

In response to this animal welfare emergency, FOUR PAWS is constructing one of the largest elephant sanctuaries in Southeast Asia. Known as ELEPHANTS LAKE, it will cover an area of 17,000 hectares and have veterinarians and experts on staff who will care for former logging elephants, as well as injured or orphaned wild elephants.

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FOUR PAWS mobile vet clinic


FOUR PAWS funds a mobile veterinary clinic, in partnership with David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. The mobile unit is headed by Kenya Wildlife Services Field Veterinary Officer Dr. Jeremiah Poghon. Every month Dr. Poghon and his team travel 6,500 km around the park to treat injured wild animals. Over a year, his team rescues around 10,000 animals.  


With the FOUR PAWS funded mobile clinic, Dr. Poghon and his team have been on a tireless mission to reach trapped elephants and other animals in time and many lives have been saved. 

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