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FOUR PAWS vet team discovered and operated on horse with tumour


While continuing the vaccination program in Letea, a FOUR PAWS team encountered a stallion that seemed to have some unusual formation on its ear. After identifying it with binoculars as being most probably a tumour growth, we decided to tranquillise the horse and make a better medical assessment. 

On-the-spot surgical removal of the tumour
© FOUR PAWS | 2016

Once we managed to put the animal under anaesthesia we were able to identify the skin tumour as most probably a equine sarcoid, one of the most common skin neoplasia seen on horses. It is not life-threatening but could be very invasive, especially near the eyes. 


There are several treatments for such diseases, but on a free-roaming horse our experienced team was left with just one solution: on-the-spot surgical removal of the tumour and continued observation of the animal in the wild.

After the surgery the horse returned to its group.
© FOUR PAWS | 2016

The surgery went very well: after one hour the horse woke up nicely and got some long-lasting antibiotics and painkillers from our vet. As soon as the horse was able to stand up, it returned to its group. “Get well soon!”