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BEAR PARK Müritz is the largest bear sanctuary in Western Europe

BEAR PARK Müritz in Germany has celebrated its re-opening after major expansion works. The area size has been doubled and now covers 16 hectares: 7 out of the 8 newly added hectares are bear territory. The remaining space has been used to offer visitors a more diverse insight into the world of these fascinating animals.


Four of the current inhabitants of the bear park, Ben, Felix, Katja and Ida, will be the first to be transferred to one of the four new sectors. The woodland features a natural creek and several ponds: the latter are of particular interest to the bears as they enjoy bathing and playing in the water. The spacious environment matches the bears’ needs and has been enriched with food balls and other devices that demand skill and activity from the bears. Disrupting the regularity of feeding hours, an all-too-common procedure in zoos, is one of the key policies in FOUR PAWS wild animal sanctuaries. The bears have all been rescued from inappropriate keeping conditions and are recovering rapidly from their acquired stereotypical behaviour patterns here. They will soon be joined by new arrivals. The expansion of the park has given FOUR PAWS the opportunity to look at other severe cases and take on additional bears.

© FOUR PAWS | Sabine Vielmo

On the bear trail

Visitors to the park, which opens daily in the summertime, can experience and learn a great deal about this native species. Alternating exhibitions revolve around these mighty animals, while the BEAR PARK Müritz school offers natural history at its best with experienced FOUR PAWS animal keepers giving an indepth insight into the life of a bear.