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Big Cat Centre in Tierart

© FOUR PAWS | Christopher Koch

FOUR PAWS new big cat centre at animal rescue station Tierart, in Maßweiler (Germany), is constructed on a 14 hectare site and provides big cats who were rescued from circuses and private keeping a species-appropriate home much more similar to what they would experience in the wild. FOUR PAWS funded the construction of the centre and is responsible for the care of the animals. The new centre comprises approximately 1,700 square metres of indoor and outdoor enclosures and can accommodate a maximum of four rescued big cats.

© FOUR PAWS | Christopher Koch

Founder and President of FOUR PAWS, Heli Dungler, is very pleased with the opening of the new station: "With our new big cats centre in Maßweiler and the FOUR PAWS big cats centres in South Africa and The Netherlands, FOUR PAWS now offers emergency aid for those animals that cannot wait for the slow wheels of legislation. Recently we welcomed the first animals - three tigers from central and southern Germany – which have been safely moved into our station where they can finally live a real tiger life and swim in their pools, climb trees or sunbathe on the large sandstones."

From left: Major Thomas Peifer, TIERART Chair Roswitha Bour, FOUR PAWS founder and President Heli Dungler, Major Herbert Semmet
© FOUR PAWS | 2015