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Therapy centre success stories


FOUR PAWS' Animal-Assisted Therapy Centre in Bucharest uses former stray dogs to help autistic children intereact with others.


Fenczel Catalin
Catalin is a six year old boy with autism and slight mental retardation. His mother contacted us after she saw the news about the opening of our center on T.V. and we started working with him. Even though he likes dogs very much, he was a bit afraid of Mulan in the beginning (she is a bit larger), but gradually he has gained the confidence to start playing with her and accepts her being close to him.

Catalin sitting with Mulan

Lupei David Gabriel

David is a 3 year old boy with autistic spectrum disorder, hyperactive behavior, and slight mental retardation. He is also non-verbal, but unlike the others he has a very positive disposition. He is a happy boy and he loves interacting with Tuca, the therapy dog.

David really enjoys playing with Tuca

Dumitru Filip

Filip is a 5 year old boy with autism. He does not have speech, has scant eye contact, and can be easily agitated. The first session went well enough -  keeping in mind he was already a little afraid of dogs - but on the second one he refused to even go into the same room with Tuca. Finally we managed to get him to throw food to her. So there is some progress, however small. 

Filip is confident enough to throw food to Tuca.

Preda Sebastian

Sebastian is a two and a half year old boy with mental retardation and autistic features, with no verbal speech developed. We started working with him on the 2nd of February. He is very dependent upon his mother. In the first session we showed no real interest in the dog and wouldn’t stay without his mother. We brought her into the room as well. After only three session we managed to keep him in the room with Tuca and without his mother for 15 minutes. Over the next few weeks his interest in Tuca has increased.

The dogs really enjoy their therapy work with all the children