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Caring for Thai Street Dogs

It is estimated that there are about 730,000 street dogs across Thailand.
© FOUR PAWS | Bogdan Baraghin

No dog is willingly a street dog

Street dogs are a result of humans who have abandoned their pets. If they are not desexed, they reproduce rapidly, leading to the next generation of unwanted street dogs and overpopulation. This can lead to hunger, the spread of disease and conflict between humans and animals, such as stray dogs causing road accidents or raiding rubbish bins for food. 

Our first Stray Animal Care project in Thailand

Many of the Thai street dogs are sick, injured or covered with mange and fleas. These dogs are an ever-worsening problem for the community. We want to help Thai communities through our stray animal care programme starting on Koh Chang island, Thailand.


During March 2017, we will run a Stray Animal Care project on Koh Chang Island, the second biggest island in Thailand. The first week is focused on running community outreach and school events to raise awareness and create better understanding about street dog welfare.

We gave children copies of our responsible pet ownership and street dog welfare posters.
© FOUR PAWS | Bogdan Baraghin

How has FOUR PAWS been able to help so far?

The FOUR PAWS Street Dog Animal Care programme has been running successfully for more than 15 years. FOUR PAWS has carried out Street Dog Care projects in many countries all over the world. The success achieved so far has led to both the authorities and communities understanding the importance of humane street dog care, responsible pet ownership and working to achieve these goals.