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Hundreds of brown bears remain in captivity in Southeastern Europe, often in horrible, unhygienic and completely unsuitable conditions. They are trapped in cages that are far too small for them, badly structured and ill equipped for their needs - rendering them unable to express their natural behaviours, and causing both physical and psychological suffering.

Kept for people’s entertainment, these beautiful bears suffer as others look on. Not only do they endure unsuitable conditions in circuses and private keeping, but many zoos and animal parks fail to meet the bare minimum standards for their welfare.

FOUR PAWS is committed to helping these cruelly treated bears. We rescue brown bears and bring them to safety, giving them the lives they deserve at our species-appropriate sanctuaries. 

You can help rescue captive bears from suffering and give them a new forever home. Donate today to FOUR PAWS and you will change a young bear’s life.

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Bear Nastia

Nastia was brutally snatched from her mother at four months old to pose for tourists. Today she lives her life in safety at BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr.




Bear Gjina

Kept in a tiny cage next to a restaurant, Gjina was forced to drink as many as 20 beers a day. Today she receives the best of care and has 8,500 square metres to roam at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina.




Bear Tomi

Caged next to a toilet in a filthy concrete cell, Tomi was injured, lived on bread and beer and was taunted by restaurant goers. Today he is safe at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina




Bear Nala

Nala lived off breadcrumbs and other unsuitable food and was kept next to a restaurant. Nala now lives a species-appropriate life at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina with a balanced diet, including her favourite food – cherries.




Bear Luna

Luna was kept in a tiny cage at an amusement park with no protection from extreme weather or loud noises; today she lives her best life at BEAR SANCTUARY Mueritz.




Bear Pashuk

Pashuk was close to death, having spent years kept in chains and locked up next to a restaurant - but now he is healthy and happy at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina.


FOUR PAWS has been rescuing bears for over 25 years, with great success along the way to not only rescue bears in need, but lobby for legislative protections for bears so no more bears need to suffer again. We have the experience, the know-how, and the commitment to see this through.  But we need your help.

The abuse of bears is reaching a tipping point, with positive momentum to end decades-long practices of abuse. Together, we can rescue bears from suffering and abuse.

bear in need

bears need our help

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