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Political Change for More Animal Welfare and Climate Protection

Urging political decision-makers to make the world a better place for animals 


'The Climate Crisis' is one of the most crucial threats to the lives of animals and humans on the planet. Governments around the world are developing complex plans to reduce the emissions pumping into our atmosphere, but although the production of cheap meat is one of the main drivers of the climate crisis and other environmental issues like water shortage or the burning of the Amazon rainforest, most political stakeholders do not even mention it. 

FOUR PAWS urge political decision-makers to make it their goal to reduce meat consumption, end factory farming and switch to sustainable agriculture. All climate plans at national and international level must put the transformation of our food system and agriculture high on the agenda. Without action in this area, we cannot achieve our climate targets.

To support decision-makers in finding the right measures to protect animals as well as the climate, we released the policy paper 'animal welfare for the climate'. It is a collection of ideas and a catalogue of measures whose political implementation can help consumers to make better purchasing decisions, support farmers to diversify and invest in better animal husbandry and encourage companies to focus on plant-based nutrition.

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Animal welfare for the climate

Animal welfare 
for the climate

How we can turn agriculture around 
for animals, people and the climate

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help for farmed animals 

What FOUR PAWS is doing to make it better for the worlds most abused animals

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