Alternatives to having your own pet

Maybe you cannot commit to having a pet? We show you other options to take care of animals without having your own 


Not all animal lovers have the opportunity to keep their own animal long term. Anyone who still wants to take care of an animal can consider various alternatives.

Alternatives to Adoption

Volunteering: Taking care of shelter animals

Animal shelters often require support from volunteers. This can involve various tasks, from running the shelter dogs to hosting an event like the open house. It's best to ask at a shelter near you.

Walking dogs: Many animal shelters are happy about people who would like to walk shelter dogs in their free time. Get in touch with a shelter near you and ask.

Playing with shelter cats: Cat friends can take the time to play with their favourite animal, pet them and help socialise them.

Reading stories: This beautiful gesture is often done by children and has far-reaching effects. Children can become more sensitive to animals, the dogs and cats get more comfortable and lose their fear. Heavily traumatised animals often succeed in regaining trust in people, which increases their chances of adoption.

Dog walking


Animal shelters are dependent on donations for their animals. These benefits can be both monetary or physical donations. Cash donations are of enormous importance, as they enable many necessary measures, such as cost-intensive veterinary care and feeding. Donors can ask directly at the shelter on what and how much is needed.

Fostering: providing a temporary home

A foster home offers an excellent opportunity to care for a pet for a limited period of time, providing a loving home and taking care of their well-being.

Becoming a godparent

Godparents make a valuable contribution to animal shelter animals. Sometimes it is only a small monthly contribution that helps to ensure the costs of food and medical care.

Advice for animal lovers

If you look around you will discover many opportunities to look after animals without having your own. Sometimes it is enough to look in your personal network. There is always a sick dog or cat owner in need of someone to take care of his four-legged friend.

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Fostering can save lives

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