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Year of the Tiger?

Big cat farming in South Africa

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Tiger cubs


Sign our petition to demand an end to the commercial trade of all big cats and their parts in South Africa

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Two lions laying in field

why is south africa farming big cats?

Intensive breeding of lions and tigers in captivity

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FOUR PAWS is fighting to ban the commercial trade of ALL big cats in South Africa

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South Africa is intensively farming and commercially trading big cats. The growing exploitation includes not only indigenous species such as lions and leopards, but also exotic species like tigers and jaguars.

Big cats are being traded both legally and illegally, fuelling an international market for traditional Asian medicine products and so-called luxury items. This contributes to the decline of the species in the wild and a worldwide biodiversity crisis.

As long as there is trade, every big cat has a price on its head.

Tiger cub in a cage


Add your voice to ban the captive breeding of lions in South Africa

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Year of the Tiger?

An investigative report into the big cat farming in South Africa and the need for international action


South African Government opens Policy Paper for public comment

Environment Minister Barbara Creecy has released a draft Policy Position on the conservation and ecologically sustainable use of elephant, lion, leopard and rhinoceros 

Lion looking out beyond cage

big cats on breeding farms

We're fighting to end the captive breeding and keeping of lions and other big cats for commercial purposes

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The Vicious Cycle Lion

The Vicious Cycle

A review of the exploitation of South Africa's captive big cats & its people

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Lion in a cage

Incident Report 2010-2020

Tragic occurrences of injuries sustained through interactions with big cats in South Africa


Three things you can do...

to protect big cats in the Year of the Tiger!

Spread the word!

Spread the word!

Not enough people know South Africa is farming big cats!

Don’t participate!

Don’t participate!

 Tourism activities like selfies with tiger and lion cubs fuel the big cat trade!

Stay informed!

Stay informed!

FOUR PAWS wants to engage in discussions with the South Africa Government and we need your voice and support in the debate!

We need your help

Sign our petition to demand an end to the commercial trade of all big cats and their body parts in South Africa

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