Our ongoing campaigns in Australia & Asia

We stand up for animal rights around the planet.

Bile bear caged in Vietnam

bile bears in vietnam

FOUR PAWS rescues and protects bile bears. We aim to end bear farms for good!

Beautiful woman holds a goose

#Wear it Kind 
for animal-friendly fashion

Fashion is about looking good, feeling good, and being kind to animals, people, and the planet. Our campaigns on fur, wool, leather, down feathers, and animal skins.

A pitiful dog in a cage

the dog and cat meat trade

We want to #ProtectMillions killed in the dog and cat meat trade!

Puppies in cages

The Puppy Trade in Australia

 The dirty and cruel business of treating dogs like a "commodity"


Save the Saddest Bears

Brown bears caged and abused for entertainment and private keeping across Europe.

Factory farming

Pandemics and Animal Welfare

Support our call for a kinder, safer world for animals and people!

Elephant Kaavan

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Tiger Sharukh

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