A cat climbing through the rubble of a destroyed building in Antakya, Türkiye

Earthquake relief

Help for animals in Türkiye (Turkey) and Syria

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FOUR PAWS cooperation partner HayTap rescuing animals after the terrible earthquake that hit the region on February 6th 2023.

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Our Earthquake Relief Efforts For Animals in Türkiye and Syria

When the world learned of the earthquakes in Türkiye (Turkey) and Syria, FOUR PAWS started preparations to help animals in need

The devastating earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria have left thousands of people dead and even more seriously injured. Every day, the death toll rises, revealing the full extent of this humanitarian catastrophe. The victims of the earthquake need help urgently. Amongst the human victims are animals. Injured, hungry and in search of their homes and families, animals are often overlooked when disaster strikes.

As an animal welfare organisation, it is our responsibility to help animals in such times of crisis. Committed to this mandate, FOUR PAWS is providing emergency care for animals in Türkiye and Syria, as we have done previously in regions of the world affected by war and natural disasters.

Help injured animals in Türkiye and Syria

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Seven Hours in Syria to Deliver Aid for Animals

March 11th

The team is granted single entry into Syria for seven hours to deliver aid to animals. In his blog post about this day, Fabian Chaundy explains, “Nothing can prepare you for the drive into Jindires [Syria], not even a couple of weeks of working in the affected zones in Türkiye.” The team passes a dog lying in the street – it is evident it has been dead for days. The lack of resources and support here leave the impression that the earthquakes happened yesterday. Read about the team’s final day on the ground in Jindires, Syria.

FOUR PAWS performs surgery on wounded animals in Türkiye

March 7th

There are still so many dogs and cats suffering from injuries sustained in the earthquakes. They need urgent care! We brought some wounded animals from shelters to clinics in Gaziantep and helped with surgical procedures. There is still endless work to be done, please continue to support us.

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March 5th

Work continues in Türkiye to save lives and livelihoods. Our work in cities has helped thousands of companion animals and their owners. We also travelled to rural areas, where countless families have lost their homes and livestock, and government support is slow to arrive. We have now delivered over 25 tonnes of farm animal feed to hundreds of village homes that were devastated by the earthquake. Read more from our team live on the ground on the response from villagers, especially one saying: “Thank you from all of Turkey.”

Dr Amil Khalil checking a cat in the earthquake region in Türkiye

February 28th

Our emergency relief team arrived to help affected animals in the regions of Southern Türkiye and Northern Syria. They will provide first aid and veterinary care to animals in need and support local communities with rescue efforts. We will work together with local partners and authorities. Read more in our press release.

Please support our work for animals in Türkiye and Syria.

Cat in rubble after earthquake in Türkiye

February 23rd

Miracles do happen. FOUR PAWS Director of the Disaster Relief Unit Jackson Zee describes the lengths rescue workers go to save animals. Read about the quick-thinking measures used by responders to reunite an owner with his cats. Blog: Risking Lives to Rescue Animals Trapped by Earthquakes

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February 20th

Only two weeks after the first earthquakes hit the Türkiye-Syria border region, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake has struck again. People and animals alike are suffering. Our partners on the ground continue to deliver medical treatment and food to injured and orphaned animals. We need your support now more than ever.

 FOUR PAWS cooperation partner HayTap rescuing animals after the terrible earthquake that hit the region

February 17th

Our local partners on the ground have been working tirelessly to help, whilst remaining sensitive to the humanitarian crisis that has not subsided. HayTap – our partner in Türkiye has been pulling animals out of the debris and delivering first aid on-site. Around 700 animals were already saved due to their immediate response. Some companion animals and farms animals have been re-united with their owners; others have been brought to shelters. Read more.

A cat climbing through the rubble of a destroyed building in Antakya, Türkiye

February 15th

The FOUR PAWS' Disaster Preparedness and Resilience team has reached out to local partners in Türkiye and Syria to provide help to injured, homeless, and hungry animals. Our aid is going to the most affected provinces in Türkiye – Hatay, Osmaniye and Malatya, where urgent help for animals is most needed. Our main goal now is to support our partners with everything we can deliver logistics, financial aid, and expertise. Please donate to help these animals.

 The city of Antakya, in Hatay province, southern Türkiye - where the large scale destruction of the city is visible everywhere

February 10th

It's a race against time! Our Disaster Preparedness experts estimate a 10-day window wherein animals can still be rescued alive. The team is busy preparing everything for the urgent action to help animals in Türkiye and Syria. We have to act fast but we can’t do it without you. Please make a gift today and support animals after this catastrophe!

Three cats outside the crumbling ruins of their former home, abandoned in Antakya, southern Türkiye

February 8th

We all shudder at the news updates following the earthquakes. At least 16,000 have died with many more seriously injured. Thankfully humanitarian aid is active and rescues are ongoing. We also know that numerous animals have been affected – killed, injured, homeless and hungry. FOUR PAWS is doing its best to find solutions to help animals in need.

Kitten in rubble | Symbolic image from previous mission undertaken by FOUR PAWS

February 6th

Our hearts go out to the people and animals affected by the devastating earthquakes in Türkiye (Turkey) and Syria. FOUR PAWS is very grateful to the heros working at the frontline to help those in need. Our thoughts are with everyone in the region – humans and animals alike.

The destroyed southern Turkish town of Kahramanmaras

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