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Fur Free

Fashion without fur: The Fur Free Retailer Program

These days real fur often appears as the trim on collars, hoods and hats or used for accessories. It is very difficult for consumers to distinguish real fur from that which is fake, as real fur is often sheared, dyed or offered as a mix of materials. Furthermore, real fur is frequently insufficiently declared on clothing labels or is not declared at all.

The international Fur Free Retailer Program  identifies retailers that have committed themselves in writing to withdrawing from the sale of fur. The program is an initiative of the Fur Free Alliance, an international coalition of more than 40 leading animal and environmental protection organisations worldwide, representing millions of supporters around the world.


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Fur Free but not part of the Program?

Do you run a fashion company and want to join the Fur Free Retailer Program? Please go to the official Fur Free Retailer website

The Fur Free Retailers