fur trade: deadly. deceitful. cruel.

Demand for ethical clothing in Australia has never been higher, and over 71% of Aussies are concerned about fur and animal welfare. But, did you know that you might still be unintentionally supporting the cruel fur industry because of the rampant mislabelling? Read on how to be a conscious consumer here.

Disease and fur farming


Fur farming and danger of disease in mink farms

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Rabbit fur handbag


Investigating the fur and faux fur trade in Australia

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Trapped raccoon dog for fur


How much do you know about fur and fur animals?

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fur farming: deadly to humans

Fur farming is a high risk danger for disease

On fur farms, which produce 95% of global fur products, millions of animals are subjected to horrific treatment, cramped conditions, poor hygiene, stress, injuries and disease, minimal veterinary care, and lack of genetic diversity. The appalling conditions means that disease can readily spread through a population, making them a ticking time bomb for pandemic disease risk.

Since April 2020, major COVID-19 outbreaks have occurred on fur farms. The SARS-CoV-2 virus has been detected on more than 440 mink fur farms across Europe and North America. For more details on the link between fur and zoonoses, read our latest report below.

The Frightening Reality of the Fur Industry

The Frightening Reality of the Fur Industry

Cruelty, COVID-19 and changing times – FOUR PAWS report calls for the end of Australia’s support of fur farming and its zoonotic risks

Minks in fur farms

Fur Farms Spread COVID-19

Fox in fur farm

The Frightening Reality of the Fur Industry

Minks and COVID-19

How to Prevent the Next Pandemic?

FOUR PAWS explains zoonoses

What is Zoonoses?

the fur trade: deceiving consumers

FOUR PAWS investigations have revealed mislabelled fur as faux fur products across both New South Wales and Victoria, raising major concerns about the lack of basic traceability and transparency for products sold in Australia. Australia needs to end its import of fur and fur sales.

Fur coats

CONSUMER TIP: Learn how to check between faux and real fur

There are 4 tests to ensure the furry attire is indeed fake fur. Use the Underwool Test, Leather Test, Wind Test, Scent Test. Learn more here.

horror animal cruelty behind the fur trade

Battery cages, indiscriminate fur traps used in the wild, inhumane and brutal treatment of fur animals, and the environmental destruction behind the fur trade is a well-documented issue.

Bobcat in a fur trap

Fur trapping

Each year, millions of wild animals are caught and killed for their fur using wire snares and body gripping, foothold, and leghold traps

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Minks in fur farms

Environmental impact of fur

Toxins, high energy consumption, and negative impacts on biodiversity are why fur is not the eco-friendly choice.

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White foxes in fur farm

Animals used for fur

Fatal beauty: mink, fox and the raccoon dog are typical fur animals who suffer for their looks

Shocking footage of fur farm

Shocking footage from a fur farm

Battery cages, inhumane treatment, and brutal killings. This are among the horrors exposed in a recent 2021 fur farm footage.

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More about the fur issue

our work in action

FOUR PAWS has been campaigning against fur since 1988. Rising consumer sentiment for ethical and conscious clothing has led to thousands of fashion brands going fur free and increasing number of countries and cities banning fur. FOUR PAWS as the official representative of the Fur Free Alliance supports this progress!

FOUR PAWS campaigns against fur since 1988

FOUR PAWS: 30+ years fighting against fur

FOUR PAWS began with fur. Thanks to FOUR PAWS efforts, we saw the closure of Austria’s last fox fur farm in 1996. But our anti-fur work continues!

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Happy woman with goose - protecting animals

Wear it Kind

FOUR PAWS campaigns for an animal-friendly fashion future Together, we can fix fashion.

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Rescued fox from fur trade

Fur Free Retailer

There's plenty of fur-free fashion – the Fur Free Retailer program tells you where. FOUR PAWS Australia is the Australian representative of the Fur Free Retailer program, connecting brands to the global program


Global Fur Bans in Cities, States and Countries

Ending the Suffering of Animals in the Fur Industry – Major Milestones in  2020 & 2021

raccoon dog in fur farm

SPORTALM #KissFurGoodbye

SPORTALM Kitzbühel, an established luxury ski wear brand based in Austria still sells real fur. Let us convince the company together to leave this cruel and obsolete industry.

Fox in fur farm

FOUR PAWS report: It’s time to end Australia’s support of fur and its pandemic risk

2021 investigative fur report on ‘Cruelty, COVID-19 and changing times'


FOUR PAWS and Fur Free Alliance warn against 'WelFur' animal welfare label

Fur production is responsible for the painful death of millions of animals every year

Raccoon dogs in fur farms

help ban fur sales in australia

Call on the Victorian and NSW Premiers to lead the way for a #FurFreeAustralia

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