Vietnam establishes first ever dog and cat meat-free tourist-friendly city

Vietnam establishes first ever dog and cat meat-free tourist-friendly city

FOUR PAWS welcomes Hoi An City People’s Committee's progressive actions to protect dogs, cats, and people


10 December 2021 –Vietnam - In a historic agreement, working together with FOUR PAWS, the global animal welfare organisation, the Hoi An City People’s Committee in Vietnam has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to phase out dog and cat meat from the city. This will be the first time in Vietnam that a city takes such comprehensive action to end the dog and cat meat trade. The two-year agreement will begin in late 2021.

It will also improve companion animal welfare through rabies vaccination and sterilisation programmes and help with preventing further pandemics. Hoi An is a city in Central Vietnam, well known by tourists for its Ancient Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

FOUR PAWS has been engaging with the Hoi An People’s Committee for more than a year following an expression of interest in rabies eradication, improving animal welfare, and promoting its image as a world-class tourism destination.

“This is a pivotal and watershed moment in Vietnam and in the region. Every year in Vietnam, more than five million dogs and a million cats are trafficked and slaughtered for their meat, jeopardising animal welfare and public health. Hoi An is now an example for other towns and cities across Vietnam to follow suit.”

Julie Sanders, Director of Companion Animals for FOUR PAWS

Mr Nguyen The Hung, Vice Chairman of Hoi An City People’s Committee said, “Animal welfare is important to both international and local tourists. Especially, as companion animals are becoming increasingly seen as family members in Vietnam. As a popular tourism destination, we want to help promote animal welfare through rabies eradication, phasing out the dog and cat meat trade, and making the city a premier destination for tourism.”

Discova, specialists in travel across the Southeast region, welcomed the major agreement which they believe will only be of benefit to not only Hoi An, but Vietnam for tourism and trade.

“We welcome the actions by the People’s Committee of Hoi An to end the dog and cat meat trade to ensure this city is tourist-friendly. DISCOVA strives to ensure both people and animals in the destinations we visit are protected from harm, which is the essence of the Memorandum of Understanding being signed today. We congratulate FOUR PAWS for its dedication to the protection of animals and look forward to the day when all Vietnam is dog and cat meat trade free.”

About 75% of new infectious diseases have a zoonotic origin. FOUR PAWS has been working closely with government agencies across the region advocating for a ban on dog and cat meat, due to the extreme animal cruelty involved and public health risk, largely due to rabies and the spread of zoonotic diseases. The recent developments are seen as a crucial turning point for animal welfare in the region.

Despite the rampant trade in dogs and cats for meat in Vietnam, market research done by FOUR PAWS has demonstrated that only 6.3% of Vietnamese consume dog or cat meat, and that 88% of the public supported a ban on the sale of both dog and cat meat by the government.

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