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Five Tips for this year’s Take Your Dog to Work Day

Studies have shown taking your dog to work showed benefits to productivity and workplace happiness.


22 June 2022 – This Friday marks the 24th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day. This special day was launched to celebrate the bond between humans and dogs, and to encourage adoptions for dogs currently in shelter care.

FOUR PAWS Australia, the local office of the global animal welfare organisation, says this is an ideal chance for Australians to bring the best part of working from home to their at-work environment.

“One positive to come from the past two years, was the ability to work at home with your best furry friend by your side. The pandemic reinforced just how important pets are in our lives for both our physical and mental wellbeing. This should not only be an advantage in home life, but also in the workplace.”

Rebecca Linigen, National Director, FOUR PAWS Australia

Studies have shown there are benefits in allowing dogs in the workplace like stress relief. But as we all ease back into working in the office again, a few things need to be in place to make the office comfortable for you, your dog, and your colleagues.

FOUR PAWS Australia’s Five Tips for a successful Take Your Dog to Work Day

  • Preparation is key.
    Check the company policy for bringing animals to the office. It is important to check with your company’s landlord that bringing a dog to the office is not against your lease and the office space you are in. You should also confirm that your dog’s vaccinations are in place. If you are all clear to bring your pooch into work, circulate an e-mail beforehand with your mobile number, a picture of your dog and their name, as well as where you work in the building, so your colleagues know who your dog is.
  • Choose a pet-free zone.
    Allocate a shared space like a meeting room, where dogs are not allowed to go, which colleagues can use if they choose. Respect colleagues’ who may be allergic to, or afraid of dogs and maybe arrange just a visit to the office for an hour in an outside area, rather than having your dog in the office nearby anyone who may feel uncomfortable.
  • Create a safe space for your dog.
    Create a safe space for your dog in your workspace with their bed, favourite toys, and treats. If you have a removable dog gate at home, you could install it at your own office door to keep your dog from roaming. Check the office for any hazards like items on the ground your dog may chew on, the bins are out of reach, and kitchen area is not accessible. Squeaky sound toys are popular with dogs but might be unpopular at the office. Rather bring one that can be quietly chewed.
  • Plan breaks throughout the day.
    Be sure to take your dog for walks at regular intervals. Make sure that you come prepared with supplies to clean up behind your dog. If colleagues are also bringing their dog into the office, it is a good idea to introduce the dogs first outside the office so they can get to know each other without the added stress of the office environment.
  • Take care of your furry best friend.
    After two years by your side as you work from home, your dog will undoubtedly be delighted to keep spending the day with you. But with a new environment can come new potential stressors such as elevators or unfamiliar people, so keep an eye on your dog and ensure they are always at ease and comfortable in the office.

Studies have shown that dogs offer social support, are able to reduce stress, increase cognitive abilities and social interaction and counteract depression and anxiety in people.

Not only do dog owners benefit from this, but also work mates who share their work environment with the dogs of their colleagues and ultimately also the companies themselves.

“Many companies and employers are recognising that a pet-friendly workplace helps to improve employee satisfaction, increases work ethic and has a positive, motivating and performance-enhancing effect. 

As Australians head back into the office, it is an ideal opportunity to experience the benefits of having dogs in the office, but also to encourage colleagues who are interested in adding a dog to their home to adopt a loving companion today.”

Rebecca Linigen, National Director, FOUR PAWS Australia

Take Your Dog To Work Day® was first celebrated in 1999 and was created by Pet Sitters International (PSI).

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There have been numerous studies on the impact of dogs in the workplace.

In one case, a research team compared three groups of employees. One group brought their dogs to work, the second left their dogs at home, the third did not have dogs. The study focused on the following factors:  stress, job satisfaction, organisational commitment, and social support.

The results showed that the presence of dogs in the office made a meaningful difference.

For the group who had their dogs with them there was a significant reduction in stress during the workday compared to the other groups. The presence of the dogs also ensured more positive interaction (dog-related conversations) that would not have existed without them, and thus a more relaxed work environment. Some non-dog owners even took the animals for a walk. Like dog owners, they were reminded to take a break from time to time, to pause and get out into the fresh air and give them a mental break to counteract any stress.

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