Best design for a mice habitat

How to Design a Habitat For Mice

Mice are intelligent animals and need an engaging enclosure


The design of an enclosure for pet mice should be carefully tailored to the nature and needs of these active animals. Pet mice are known for their natural instincts to move, to dig, to explore and for their climbing skills, and in the wild, they live in caves and passages. This must all be taken into consideration when designing their habitat.

What you have to know about location and furnishings of a enclosure

The position of the enclosure should be quiet, bright and free from draughts, heat and cigarette smoke. The animals feel comfortable at a room temperature of 20-24° C and react sensitively to slight temperature fluctuations and humidity. A location close to a heating system is not recommended, as the dry air can lead to respiratory diseases in pet mice.

Since free running outside the enclosure is possible only occasionally, the mice enclosure must be large enough and varied enough for the curious animals to pursue their urge for exercise and investigation. Most cages offered on the market are inadequate. For two to four animals, an enclosure with a floor area of at least 0.5 square metres is required.

Enclosures with grids are good for keeping pet mice, as they guarantee sufficient and constant ventilation.

Important enclosure furnishings include:

  • Different levels (three-dimensional structuring)
  • Little house to sleep in
  • Nest material (hay, kitchen paper)
  • Tubes (wood, cardboard, clay)
  • Suitable branches (for gnawing)
  • Hemp ropes
  • Ladders
  • Swings
  • Shelter and retreat possibilities
  • Climbing poles
  • Labyrinths
  • Mouse-friendly wheel

Inappropriate accessories: 

Hamster balls, plastic tube systems, spoked hamster wheels and hamster wheels not closed on the axle side!

Do it yourself: 

In order to keep the habitat interesting for the pet mice, the equipment should be changed at regular intervals. You can use your imagination, creativity and craftsmanship here! Nature offers a lot of 'building blocks' for climbing possibilities and shelter – wood discs of different heights are perfect for constructing stairs for the pet mice. A cave woven from willow branches not only looks pretty but is a great shelter. Small houses can be built easily with some wood and a few screws.

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