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FOUR PAWS recommends animal-friendly food alternatives 


Does the thought of Christmas food conjure up childhood memories of a roast with all the trimmings? Maybe it’s turkey, chicken, fish or goose followed by pudding, Christmas cakes and mulled wine. Whatever your preferred Christmas menu might be, there are many ways to prepare food that is both delicious and cruelty-free. By cruelty-free, we refer to options where no animals have been exploited or slaughtered for our meals.

By making conscious food choices, you too can extend the Christmas joy to all living beings without contributing to their suffering.

Here are some popular Christmas food items:

The Centerpiece Roast

The centerpiece of most Christmas dinners is a hearty roast, but with many delicious vegan options available, there’s no need for turkeys, pigs, chickens, cows or fish to suffer.

Try a plant-based alternative readily available from selected supermarkets, or create a new dish altogether! For something different, try a cultural menu; where you can have an Italian appetiser, an Asian main dish and perhaps a German dessert. By including an alternative menu, you and your guests can enjoy plant-based foods in different and creative ways.

The secret is also in the spices and herbs used. Simply by adding in some alternative seasoning such as infused oils in mashed potato or serving up creative side-dishes will get people talking. Another option could be to have a Vegetable fondue which is made with white wine, nutritional yeast, vegetable broth, almond milk, miso paste and tahini with a range of vegetables.

Plant-based Christmas dinner

Side Dishes

There are many side dishes which are easy to make and taste great too. Having a colorful salad with raisins, grapes or sliced mangoes can spur interest as well as potato dumplings, a lentil dish with roasted nuts and seeds, fried onions and courgettes with mixed salsas and dips, and traditional German pretzels which can also be baked at home.

Pies, Pasta, Gratin, Casseroles, Soups and Stews

These are some very popular Christmas dishes in many different countries. The good news is that all of them can be vegan by eliminating dairy, eggs and meat. With little preparation time, these can be a hit and suite all diet preferences. Soups and stews are typically liked by all and nothing needs to be wasted. Any left-over soup could be used as a base for a pasta dish or risotto, and if you have left-over cooked vegetables, they could be used for a large tofu scramble or additional pies or a curry. Creativity is key and no food would need to go to waste!

Try our potato gratin or risotto with mushrooms and spinach for a change.

Dessert and Mulled Wine

What about the Christmas dessert and beverages? Can we eliminate dairy, eggs and meat from our beloved baked goods? Yes, we can. There are plenty of yummy alternatives to create a plant-based gingerbread and Christmas cakes. For the children, why not try our alcohol-free mulled wine? Also, don't miss our gingerbread mini cakes with hot cherries or just a traditional gingerbread.

Whether it’s your first Christmas to try some vegan dishes, there’s never been a better time of the year to explore interesting new ideas and recipes to make this year your best animal cruelty-free Christmas yet.

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