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Pet support services in Australia during tough times

Many Australians with pets are facing hardship and uncertainty, and there are caring animal services available to lend a helping hand to prevent having to surrender or abandon pets.


At FOUR PAWS, every day we see the beautiful relationships that form between animals and people. Animals offer us emotional, mental, and physical support, and for many people, pets are family.

Sadly, due to a multitude of reasons including rising cost-of-living pressures and lack of pet-friendly rental options, there are many Australians who are facing hardship. People who love their pets are finding themselves in difficult situations where they are concerned for their daily needs on top of the well-being of their furry best friend.

Thankfully, there are wonderful organisations and services who are providing a helping hand to pet owners in need and their animals. These services are showing compassion and kindness to people experiencing housing insecurity, hospitalisation and aged care, financial hardship, and victims of domestic violence.

These speciality services can provide support where it is needed, including health checks and veterinary care, to temporary foster homes, and financial support.

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If you or someone you know is in need of assistance with their beloved pet, please consider reaching out to one of the below organisations.

Abandonment can be avoided

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No matter for what reason a pet is abandoned or surrendered, the animal is always the one who suffers most. There is support available to help prevent this sad outcome for both the pet owner and the beloved animal.

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abandoning your pet...

should never be an option. More helpful tips for pet owners in need.

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