Rescued bear in BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh



We are celebrating the amazing work our colleagues are doing in the FOUR PAWS Sanctuaries around the world

FOUR PAWS offers rescued wild animals such as big cats, bears and orangutans a second chance in life in one of our sanctuaries across the globe. In these sanctuaries rescued wild animals are provided a safe haven in a species-appropriate environment. Our colleagues working in the sanctuaries dedicate their lives to provide the animals 24/7 with the care they need. 

Every Saturday, we are sharing interesting stories from our sanctuaries on our Facebook and Instagram. Did you miss a story? No worries! You can find them below:

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The young lioness Marion became worldwide news in February 2019, after her claws were brutally removed with garden shears in Gaza's oldest zoo. FOUR PAWS managed to rescue her and the 46 other zoo animals. Marion now lives a happy life with 5 other rescued lions in Al Ma'wa for Nature and Wildlife, Jordan.

Did you know...?

Through a partnership of the Princess Alia Foundation and FOUR PAWS in 2011, Al Ma'wa for Nature and Wildlife was established in order to provide a regional solution for rescued wildlife.
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Bengal tigress Dehli is the oldest animal at our FELIDA Big Cat Centre in the Netherlands. For years, she lived in a very small enclosure without any distractions, until FOUR PAWS met her in late 2013. Then, her life finally started to change.

Did you know...?

FELIDA Big Cat Centre in the Netherlands is a small special care centre for rescued and traumatized big cats that were abused, neglected or discarded and forced to live under poor circumstances.
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An adorable young barn owl was found in a warehouse in Lower Austria. As the nest could not be found, she came to OWL & BIRDS OF PREY RESCUE STATION Haringsee until her return to the wild.

Did you know...?

The OWL & BIRDS OF PREY RESCUE STATION Haringsee in Austria, which is part of FOUR PAWS since 2016, primarily cares for injured owls and birds of prey, but also helps other wild birds, hares, hedgehogs, bats, turtles and other wildlife. 
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Bear Ben lived a terrible existence in a tiny cage, was fed only once a day and suffered from a severely inflamed gall bladder due to bile extraction. In December 2019 his miserable life came to an end: we brought him to BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh.

Did you know...?

Although the production of bear bile is forbidden by law in Vietnam, bear bile farming and illegal bile extraction still take place. In our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh these abused animals find a safe haven.
Learn more about BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh

The little orangutan Tegar was in very poor condition when we found him and it turned out he had been made an orphan shortly before being rescued. He now lives in our FOUR PAWS FOREST SCHOOL, where he learns everything to once survive in the wild again.

Did you know...?

The FOUR PAWS FOREST SCHOOL officially opened its doors in East Kalimantan in 2018 and contains 100 hectare. Each orphan is likely to have witnessed the gruesome killing of their mothers, and often show remnants of that trauma in their behaviour. 

The so-called ‘chain bear’ Pashuk was forced to suffer for many years in a dark cage next to a restaurant in Albania. The iron chain around his neck was so tight, that his flesh had grown around it. Since his arrival at our BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina in September 2016, his health condition incredibly improved.

Did you know...?

BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina in Kosovo offers a second chance to brown bears that were neglected or abused and forced to live under unappropriated conditions. 
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Bear Potap is a very happy and playful bear, but there was a time when this was hardly possible. 
Potap became the first resident of our BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr in Ukraine

Did you know...?

BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr in Ukraine provides a species-appropriate home and lifelong care to Ukrainian brown bears that were abused as baiting bears or kept in small cages next to restaurants.
Learn more about BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr

Tiger Caruso was born in a circus but preferred to play rather than to learn tricks. After years of intensive care, he was transferred to LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa in March 2019.

Did you know...?

LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa contains an area of 1,250 ha and takes care of more than 100 rescued big cats.
Learn more about LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

Tigress Varvara was the last tiger that ever performed in a Bulgarian circus. Since her rescue in 2015 she lives in our TIERART Big Cat Centre in Germany.

Did you know...?

TIERART is a very special sanctuary that not only offers a permanent home to tigers, but also operates as a rehabilitation program for rescued native species.
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Bears Meimo and Amelia lived in a tiny cage near a restaurant in Albania for twelve years. Since January 2019 they live a happy life in the Swiss mountains, in Arosa Bear Sanctuary.

Did you know...?

Arosa Bear Sanctuary is the first birst sanctuary in Switzerland. The sanctuary is run by the Arosa Bear Foundation, which is a cooperation between FOUR PAWS, Arosa Tourism and Arosa Mountain Railways. 
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Bear Dushi was rescued from the "Zoo from Hell" in Albania. Despite the fact she only has three legs, she enjoys her new life in BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz in Germany to the fullest.

Did you know...?

BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz in Germany is the biggest bear sanctuary in Western Europe. The sanctuary was established in the heart of Mecklenburg Lake District in 2006 and contains 16 ha. 
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Lion Jazz and lioness Savannah both had a very sad start to life, but in our LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa they got a second chance.

Did you know...?

LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa is not only a paradise for rescued big cats, but also for visitors. You can book an animal friendly holiday in the beautiful lodge and fall asleep with the sound of roaring lions. 
Learn more about LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary
Rescued tigers in LIONSROCK

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