Cat Chapi

Nov 2022

Shelter / Private home

Rescue Cat Chapi and His Siblings

Saved from the streets, miracle kittens found special care


At only a few days of age, Chapi and his siblings found themselves in a miserable situation. After they had lost their mother due to a car incident, the little orphans were left alone to their own fate on the streets of Bulgaria.

Even with perfect care and under safe conditions, many neonatal kittens without a mother die. Chapi and his siblings had no chance to survive on their own.

After being found, the kittens were immediately taken to the clinic where the experienced staff did a fantastic job providing them with all the medical help and care they urgently needed. Miraculously, and thanks to the professional care by the team, Chapi and all his siblings survived.

Special care by a furry friend

An important part in the recovering and socialisation process of the kittens was also played by Luke, a former stray dog now owned by one of the vet technicians. He showed interest in raising the kittens. In the end, he took care of them 24/7, warming, cuddling and playing with them.

Thanks to all the loving care, Chapi and his siblings have become healthy cats.

Perfect happy ending

Luckily, Chapi found a loving forever home. He got adopted by the ideal family: they have a German shepherd dog who grew up with cats and therefore loves them! Chapi and him have bonded well from the beginning and in the meanwhile they have become inseparable.

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