Dog App receiving treatment

Dec 2016

Shelter / Private home

Rescue Dog App

An accident has left dog App with a horrifying injury


As many people around the world are staying home due to the coronavirus pandemic, the work never stops in our animal shelters. Our partner organisation Speranta Pentru Animale in Romania cares for almost 600 dogs. They all need food, water, safe and clean living areas and some tender loving care - every day. 

App, a beautiful merle Aussie mix, has spent his life at the shelter. He was abandoned as a tiny puppy and has never been adopted since. By a freak accident, App got his back foot stuck on one of the fences at the shelter, in a panic, App tried to pull himself free, and in doing this he ripped much of the soft tissue - causing severe damage to his whole leg. 

Lucky for App - he was able to be rushed into surgery by our SAC veterinarians at the shelter. The team feared that App would lose his leg. Thankfully for this boy, the emergency surgery was successful - his wounds were stitched and now the worst is over. Regular bandage changes are showing that the wounds are healing well, and the vets are confident that his leg was saved.  

Ongoing renovation of the Speranta shelter

The renovation of Speranta is ongoing. and there is the plan for all dogs to live in kennels with new fencing soon, which will eliminate the possibility of future accidents of this kind. However, such renovations are costly for the shelter, and with almost 600 hungry mouths to feed, Speranta is in need of your support!

Update 24th March 2020

Each day we are seeing App improve, his foot is healing very well and we are confident that it is only a matter of time before App can walk again! He was been observed taking his first small steps since the accident, but understandably is very timid about it. We hope very soon App will be back on his feet!

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