Therapy dog Busia

Feb 2019

Shelter / Private home

Rescue Dog Busia

How Busia went from streets to a much loved therapy dog


After the success of Lisa, Ukraine's first Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI) dog, the team was ready to rescue and train another dog for the project.

So — the search began for both a special person to be trained as a dog handler, as well as a special dog for AAI among the population of stray dogs in Ukraine. 

The search in finding a stray dog, who's personality likes human companionship - as well as having the gentle nature needed to succeed in becoming an AAI dog was not such a simple task. 

Until one day, when the team got a call from the other side of the country with a claim the perfect dog had been found on the streets. The volunteers who found the female dog knew it was clear she longed for family and love - and this was the perfect opportunity for her to have a second chance, and to be cherished each and every day. 

The team travelled across the country to Lviv to find her and with preliminary behaviour tests with our Ukraine dog physiologist, she passed with flying colours - she was the one, and she was called Busia. 

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Busia became the second therapy dog in Ukraine

The team adopted Busia and welcomed her into the FOUR PAWS Ukraine family.

At that time the team did not have a dog handler for Busia, but a friend of the team, Nataliia, offered to let Busia live with her until a handler was found.  Although it was never intended to be permanent, as the weeks passed, Nataliia and Busia built a strong bond, which was visible to everyone around them.

As time went by, Nataliia changed her career from an international referee and coach to join the FOUR PAWS AAI programme. Today, Nataliia is fully trained as a dog handler and her and Busia are enjoying living and working together.

Busia at work
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