AAI dog Freya with a child in Bulgaria

Jul 2022

Shelter / Private home

Rescue dog Freya

From rescued stray to beloved AAI team member


In a heartwarming tale of resilience and compassion, Freya has joined the Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI) project in Bulgaria as its newest member. Found abandoned in a rubbish bin, she was brought to our team's attention by concerned citizens and was immediately admitted to the clinic in Bankya.

Freya's condition was dire, with numerous wounds and scrapes all over her body, coupled with fear and stress. To make matters worse, she was diagnosed with a dangerous tick-borne disease, necessitating months of intensive antibiotic treatment. However, Freya's remarkable recovery and her innate affinity for people caught the team's attention.

Starting all over again

Recognising Freya's positive nature and quick learning abilities, our skilled dog trainer saw great potential in her as an invaluable addition to the AAI Bulgaria team. Her kind brown eyes and soft black fur only further endeared her to everyone, making her the top choice for this new role. Today, Freya has found her forever home, as her dedicated dog handler, Ekaterina, adopted her, showering her with the love and care she deserves.

Ekaterina and Freya have embarked on a rigorous training regime to achieve their ultimate goal: obtaining a license as a qualified dog handler in the AAI team. The team takes immense pride in Freya's progress, firmly believing that she will become a true friend to the children and adults they work with.

A true friend

With her soft fur reminiscent of a warm winter blanket, Freya possesses a gentle and childlike nature that can melt even the toughest hearts. Her love for children is undeniable, and she thrives in their presence, drawing strength and motivation from making their world a little brighter. At home, Freya teaches Ekaterina's family valuable lessons in patience, understanding, and forgiveness. When they venture out together, her true power lies in spreading happiness and joy to everyone they encounter.

Freya's journey from a discarded stray to a cherished AAI team member is a testament to the transformative power of love, care, and second chances. Her story serves as a reminder that every animal deserves a chance at a fulfilling life, and that their presence can bring immeasurable joy and healing to those in need.

AAI dogs Freya, Smiley, Kaya and Shoko in Bulgaria
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