Rescue Dog Maxi

Oct 2019

Shelter / Private home

Rescue Dog Maxi

Chemically burnt by cruel students, Maxi is a sweet and strong little dog 


In October 2019, little terrier Maxi was found in a chemistry laboratory at a high school in Romania. He was suffering from extreme burns caused by chemicals as a result of being tortured by high school students. There was, however, one student who would not stand by and let the poor Maxi suffer. He brought little Maxi, with burnt, inflamed and infected skin, to our partner shelter in Romania, Speranta, in the hope that he would survive. When he arrived, he had no reactions to what was happening to him. He was in shock and he was dying. 

"When I saw Maxi, my first thought was that this little dog would not survive and that he must be moments away from death. In addition to the pain I felt when I saw Maxi, I was saddened by the wickedness of these young people who had hurt him"

Florina Tomescu, the owner and manager of Speranta 

The veterinarians at the shelter gave Maxi emergency medical care to treat his chemical burns. He is thought to be only a year and a half old and have already suffered so much. He also received treatment from the infections caused by his injuries and for a corneal ulcer. Although the intensive and long-term treatment ensured that Maxi survived, he will still need lifelong care for his sensitive skin, ensuring he is comfortable in Romania's extremely cold winters and hot summers.

Update May 2020

Maxi is doing great! Although some of his scars will never completely heal, he has blossomed into a cute and happy dog! Over the winter, Maxi was given his own special dog house to protect him from the extreme weather in Romania. Maxi loves running around the shelter playing with his dog friend and last spring he even started to enjoy laying in the sun again. 

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