Rescue Nadiya

Jun 2023

Shelter / Private home

Rescue dog Nadiya

Nadiya and her ten puppies barely made it to safety from the flood


Since day one of the war, we have given our all to support Ukraine and its precious animals. And when the country faced another devastating blow with the breach of the Kakhovka dam in Kherson region and plunged into even greater desperation, we reaffirmed our commitment right away. We were rushing pet food, medicines and rescue equipment to the region of Kherson and Mykolaiv (both were affected by the flood), as well as having our veterinarians on stand-by to provide lifesaving treatments to evacuated animals.

Nadiya (which means ‘hope’ in Ukrainian) was one of many animals affected by the flooding. In fact, her life was hanging by a thread due to the dam breach – and the lives of her 10 puppies! Luckily they could be rescued from the flooded area in time.

Nadiya and her puppies were brought to the veterinary clinic at the Communal Enterprise of Mykolaiv to receive the help they needed. This was not easy though! Nadiya was so stressed upon arrival, that at first, she would not let anyone touch her or go near her pups. We cannot imagine what this poor momma dog has been through.

Fortunately, our FOUR PAWS veterinarian Dr Valentyna Danyliv managed to gain Nadiya's trust and could start the highly necessary treatments. It is important to note that rescuing an animal from the flood is only the first action. We know that the contaminated water often has a range of long-term consequences. The animals that did not drown, have been swallowing the water while trying to survive the floods, or have been drinking the water due to lack of fresh water availability. No wonder, that all animals that come in are covered in parasites, fleas and ticks on the outside, while also battling sickness on the inside.

Nadiya was covered in ticks upon arrival. FOUR PAWS vet Dr Valentyna Danyliv managed to provide her with anti-parasite and anti-tick treatments, as well as a complete health check-up.

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Nadiya is still anxious after all she has been through, but she is one of the lucky ones. And so are her puppies. Nadiya and her offspring have found safety at the veterinary clinic in Mykolaiv, where their temporary box provides her with a safe feeling and a place to calm down in.

The team did not find any signs of ownership or a microchip on Nadiya, but this was also the case for the other animals that were rescued and treated. Noneless pictures will be posted online to see if an owner or community member recognises the animal. If this does not happen, the veterinary clinic at the Communal Enterprise of Mykolaiv will ensure a safe, local home.

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