Rescue Donkey Puica

Rescue Puica


Our partner organisation ARCA saved a donkey's life!

Beautiful donkey Puica was found abandoned in a field about 60 km from Bucharest, Romania. She was unable to stand, lying alone on the ground and left in pain. A kind member of the public reported her to our partner organisation, ARCA, asking for help.

With a quick response, the team rushed to evaluate the situation, they were able to give onsite x-rays, which revealed the poor girl had a fracture on her hind leg. She needed to receive surgery in order to heal her injury, and so the team temporarily bandaged the fracture to prevent any further damage during transport, as well as treated Puica with pain medication to take her to our farm.

Team on-site

Over the following days, her x-rays were sent to several equine orthopaedic specialists in the country and abroad, to find the best realistic solution to operating the fracture. When the best option was found, she underwent surgery and it was a success! An orthopaedic plate was put in place to immobilise the fracture and another protective cast was placed on the leg to allow healing.

Now, sweet Puica is under intensive recovery but for such severe injuries, the road to recovery is long. She is in the best of hands with our specialist team and will receive everything she needs to heal.

Puica in recovery

Our work for horses in Romania

FOUR PAWS works together with ARCA (Animal Rescue and Care Association) in Romania to help horses in different ways:

We provided working horses with veterinary care, dental treatments, and farriery (hoof care), and talked to the owners about appropriate living conditions.

In cooperation with the Romanian authorities, we are committed to help horses with our birth control programme.

In November 2019, the heartbreaking news broke that a cargo ship carrying over 14,000 sheep overturned. The crew was safely evacuated, but thousands of sheep died. Our partner ARCA was able to go on board the vessel to save as many sheep as possible. Read the story of sheep trapped inside a capsized ship.

 Donkey Puica

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