Arctic fow Wukk sitting on a rock in the outdoor enclosure at TIERART

Jul 2022


Rescue Fox Wukk

A bundle of energy rescued from private keeping


Arctic fox Wukk was kept in a small dog box in a private apartment in Austria. For months, the young fox, who was probably born in May 2022, must have suffered from these terrible conditions.

A happy life begins for the arctic fox

At the end of July, he was confiscated and brought to a shelter in Austria where he was fostered. The manager of the shelter was looking for a permanent home for the fox pup and reached out to FOUR PAWS. Finally, in November, Wukk moved in his new home at TIERART.

Playful and full of energy

Wukk has settled in well and seems to feel very comfortable in his new surroundings. And the young fox brought a lot of action! Wukk loves to romp and play and run around in the enclosure that he shares with foxes SingSing and Jackson. They are older and more sleepy than Wukk, but that doesn't stop this little whirlwind from encouraging them to play with him. As soon as one of them gets out of the den, he scampers up and bites their tails, inviting them to have fun together!

The active little boy also loves to dig in the mud, getting himself dirty. After just one day at TIERART, his snow-white fur has turned into a brown coat.

Our dedicated caretakers keep Wukk occupied and provide him with many different toys and new enrichment every day. Whether balls, kongs, cardboards or even the litter bags – Wukk likes all kinds of toys and can turn anything into something to play with.

A new visitors' favourite

Wukk has brought a lot of life to the sanctuary and especially the enclosure he shares with SingSing and Jackson. Whereas the other two foxes rarely show up when visitors are there, Wukk enjoys the attention he gets from them. So it is no wonder he turned into a new visitors' favourite at TIERART.

Update February 2023

Because Wukk is such a bundle of energy and a little bit too rough for Jackson and SingSing, our experienced caretakers decided to move him to a different enclosure and socialise him with silver foxes Mala and Skadi. They are about one year old and as playful as Wukk.

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