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FOUR PAWS experts for your research

We have a high level of expertise and will gladly provide you with detailed information on animal welfare concerns worldwide


From the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia, the bile bear farming trade in Vietnam, the tiger trade in Europe and beyond, to rescue missions in conflict zones and disaster areas, as well as campaigns on live animal transport, the puppy trade, factory farming, and animal husbandry: Our FOUR PAWS experts – including veterinarians and animal caretakers – have been working intensively in their relevant fields for many years, revealing suffering, rescuing animals in need, and protecting them. They are highly experienced in interview situations and available at short notice for print, online, radio, TV or live interviews.

Below you can find a selection of topics that our experts cover. Of course, we also work on animal welfare issues beyond the scope of this list, so even if your topic of interest is not included, we are still able to assist you.

  1. Animals Affected by Disasters and Conflicts
  2. Companion Animals
  3. Farm Animals and Nutrition
  4. Wild Animals

Animals affected by disasters and conflicts

  • Disaster preparation, prevention and relief for animals
  • Animal welfare and rescues in war and conflict zones

Companion Animals

Farm Animals and Nutrition

  • Live animal transport
  • Animal husbandry for all species
  • Slaughtering
  • Factory farming
  • Sow gestation crates
  • Pig castration
  • Force-feeding of geese and ducks
  • Wool, down and leather
  • Meat and dairy industry
  • Epizootic diseases
  • Clean meat
  • Food industry and innovation
  • Plant-based alternatives
  • Climate

Wild Animals

Pandemics and Animal WElfare

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