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10 Facts About the Dog and Cat Meat Trade in Southeast Asia 

Did you know?

  • FOUR PAWS targets the dog and cat meat trade in Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia, with the goal to end this brutal trade by 2030.
  • Up to 3 million dogs are killed annually for the dog meat trade in Cambodia, up to 5 million annually in Vietnam, and over 1 million annually in Indonesia.
  • Many cats an​d dogs are stolen family pets. To meet demand, traders snatch dogs off the street or steal them from people’s properties, frequently using poison. Cyanide-laced meatballs and strychnine baits are commonly used for this.
  • In Cambodia, the price of a plate of dog meat typically is around 5000 Riel ($1.23).
  • In Cambodia, dog meat goes by the name sach pises which means 'special meat' in Khmer, and is often eaten as a party snack to accompany drinking among friends.  Pregnant women frequently consume the meat due to perceived medicinal properties, such as after giving birth.
  • In Vietnam, cat meat is typically eaten at the start of the lunar month to bring good luck for the coming month.
  • Dogs are typically killed by drowning, bludgeoning, choking, or electrocution – frequently in full view of other dogs awaiting their turn.
  • Dog meat consumption has been linked to outbreaks of trichinosis, cholera and rabies in humans.
  • In Vietnam, cat meat is known as “little tiger” and becoming increasingly popular in restaurants, particularly in the North.
  • Black-coloured dogs and cats are frequently targeted for their perceived special 'medicinal' properties.
Dog in a cage in Southeast Asia

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