Lioness Neida at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

A FOUR PAWS project in South Africa since 2006


LIONSROCK has the mission to guarantee ideal keeping conditions in order to make a life free of suffering for every big cat possible. The special care unit helps rescued, traumatised big cats such as leopards, lions and tigers in need of special care to overcome their traumas and other issues. Our rescued animals originate from all over the world. FOUR PAWS took over the property in 2006, with dedication and a lot of structural changes to bring the site up to our standards, over 100 big cats have found a life-long home at our sanctuary.

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In addition to the rescued animals and the beautiful landscape at LIONSROCK, the sanctuary offers various activities for visitors. The LIONSROCK Lodge offers a diversity of accommodation to suit the needs of visitors, ranging from luxury en-suite rooms to self-catering facilities for up to 70 guests.

Guests have a range of activities to keep busy during the day and families will find the surroundings ideal. Game drives, swimming pool, bird watching and hiking trails in the natural surroundings are ideal relief from city life. A restaurant, bar and tea garden serve all sorts of tempting treats and cater to all dietary requirements (by arrangement). The atmosphere and staff are warm and friendly. Day Visitors, as well as lodge guests, can experience a variety of tours through the sanctuary, including enrichment and feeding experiences. You can find out more about visiting here.




took the property over. Between 2006 & 2007 research was conducted, permits obtained and extensive work done to bring the area up to FOUR PAWS' rigorous quality standards. Since then LIONSROCK has rescued more than 100 big cats from all over the world.




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Farm Kleinbloemhof, Bethlehem, 9700, South Africa

You can find more contact information here – it is 3 hours from Johannesburg (by car),
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Lions at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

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