Lions in care at FOUR PAWS

LIons in Care of FOUR PAWS

Images of the lions in our big cat sanctuaries LIONSROCK and FELIDA


Known as the king of the jungle, the lion actually inhabits the grasslands and savannas of Africa. Today many lions are wasting away in poor keeping conditions, locked behind bars and abused for entertainment. FOUR PAWS has rescued and given many lions a second chance at life, now you can see them enjoying their new lives at our LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary and FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary.

Please note that sadly, some of the lions have passed away. While they have found their forever peace, we keep them in our hearts forever and will always remember their happy faces!

Lion Juba and lioness Micca at LIONSROCK
Lioness Lea playing with enrichment at LIONSROCK
Rescued lions at LIONSROCK
Lioness Lerata taking a rest at LIONSROCK
Lionesses Connie and Emma after their transfer to LIONSROCK
One day after their transfer to South Africa, the lionnesses have settled in at LIONSROCK
Mario, a French lion in LIONSROCK
Lions Jazz and Savannah
Lenci at FELIDA
Lionesses Luna and Elsa playing in the grass
Lioness Pagen at Lionsrock
Terez & Masoud at FELIDA
Lion Mario at LIONSROCK
 Lion Masoud at FELIDA
Lion Kimba at LIONSROCK
Lions Roman and Vincent at FELIDA
Lion Nikola at FELIDA
Lion Simba at LIONSROCK
Lions in care at FOUR PAWS

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