the life expectancy of farm animals

How old would a cow, a pig or a hen get to be if the animals were able to live their natural life expectancy? 


It has become industry standard here in Australia, and all over the world, for animals who are farmed within agriculture systems to be slaughtered years before their natural life expectancy. What is indeed surprising for many people, however, is just how young most farmed animals are when they are killed for human use.

Below are comparisons of Natural Life Expectancy vs Actual Life for the most common species used in agriculture systems. 

Life Expectancy of Cattle

Life expectancy of cattle

Life Expectancy of Pigs

Life expectancy of pigs

Life Expectancy of Chickens

Life expectancy of chickens

Life Expectancy of Sheep

Life expectancy of sheep

Life Expectancy of Rabbits

Life expectancy of rabbits

Life Expectancy of Geese

Life expectancy of geese
Happy pig outside

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