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FOUR PAWS believes that big cats should not be kept as pets or for entertainment, as these wild animals suffer in captivity under inadequate keeping conditions including lack of expert care, frequent travelling, training and intensive interaction with humans. Unfortunately, thousands of big cats still live under very poor conditions in circuses, zoos and private ownership. Uncontrolled breeding causes ‘surplus’ animals who either end up dead or (illegally) traded to unsuitable places.

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Big Cats on Breeding Farms

The truth behind the tourist attraction of cuddling and walking with a lion cub

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Big cats in zoos

A significant issue, especially in eastern Europe

Lion in South Africa

Trophy Hunting is the Killing of an Animal for Sport or Pleasure

Why lions are born to be killed in South Africa 


Lion Facts

How much do you know about this powerful feline predator?



It’s closer than you think! FOUR PAWS reveals the involvement of Europe in the ruthless trade and the cruel tiger business.

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tamer and tiger

Wild Animals in Entertainment

Animal suffering on tour for our entertainment


Visit our Big Cat Sanctuary LIONSROCK

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