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Our challenge is simple and urgent: to feed those who have been left behind as the world has shut down. Share a Can of Kindness today!


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The Coronavirus pandemic is causing untold suffering all over the world, including to those who have no voice and no way to protect themselves. Street dogs, who are dependent on humans for their basic needs, are starving as a result of the lockdown and are in desperate need of food.

This is a problem. But there’s a solution which everyone can be part of. 

You can save a dog's life today

Our street animal care teams have witnessed their plight firsthand. Many dogs and cats are left behind without a food source as expats and stood down tourism workers are forced to return home and tourists stay away – there’s no one around to offer a snack to a hungry animal. 

Right now in Bali, FOUR PAWS and Bali Animal Welfare Association are helping these desperate animals in need survive by providing hundreds of daily meals to street animals. 

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These animals are in a bad situation, but you can help them right now from your home.  

Help us put food in their mouths today, so they will live to see tomorrow. 

FOUR PAWS has teamed up with dedicated partners across Southeast Asia to help protect companion animals. One of these partners is Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) who we are working with for the ground-breaking initiative called Program Dharma, in the regency of Karangasem. This regency is home to some of Bali's most idyllic beaches, and unfortunately also to some of the worst cases of animal cruelty and suffering. Read more.

Stray animal care in Bali, Indonesia

UPDATE from the feeding teams 

Our team in the field has shared some incredible, and heartbreaking, moments from their feeding routes. Every single day, our feeding teams are getting food to dogs most in need across 13 target areas. The team is also identifying dog populations which need desexing so as soon as lockdown measures are lifted, our spay-and-neuter teams can desex them and provide them with veterinary care.  

Below are just some of the animals being fed with Cans of Kindness!

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We rely on donations from supporters like you to provide food and care to street animals across Southeast Asia and Europe, to care for the animals living in our sanctuaries, rescue animals in need, and offer emergency and disaster relief all over the world. Donations also allow us to campaign to improve animal welfare standards around the world. 

Thank you for supporting a kinder world for animals. 

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