Help for Stray Animals

FOUR PAWS is committed towards a better world for all companion animals. We work to improve the lives of all stray animals and provide projects to neuter/spay stray dogs and cats.

our programs

FOUR PAWS Southeast Asia Partnership Program

An active cooperation to care for street animals


FOUR PAWS Eastern Europe Programme

Projects to help stray dogs and cats


Community Engagement in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia

Supporting communities in shaping a better future for animals


Cans of Kindness

Our challenge is simple and urgent: to feed those who have been left behind as the world has shut down. Share a Can of Kindness today!

Animal-assisted intervention: Rescuing stray dogs to become therapy dogs

Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI)

Rescuing stray dogs to become therapy dogs


our programs by country

Stray Animal Care in Australia

FOUR PAWS supports veterinary projects in remote outback communities

White stray dog

Stray Animal Care in Bali, Indonesia

FOUR PAWS and Program Dharma – saving dogs and cats 


Stray Animal Care in Borneo, Indonesia

Helping cats, wildlife and communities


Stray Animal Care in Cambodia

FOUR PAWS provides lifesaving care for dogs and cats

Dog in front of a temple

Stray Animal Care on Silk Island, Cambodia

FOUR PAWS provides lifesaving care for dogs and cats


Stray Animal Care in Vietnam

Cats are victims of the a sinister trade


Stray Animal Care in Ukraine

Cooperation with local municipalities 


Stray Animal Care in Thailand

Creating a better future for stray dogs and cats in Southern Thailand


Stray Animal Care in Bulgaria

Working tirelessly for humane management of stray animal populations


Stray Animal Care in Romania

Achieving better living conditions for strays through neutering and education 

Puppy at Speranta

Speranta – A Shelter called Hope

FOUR PAWS partner shelter in Bucharest 


meet SOME lucky strays

Their lives have transformed a lot with love and care

Rescue Meow

FOUR PAWS is helping Meow recover and find a safe, loving home

Dog Maxi

Rescue Maxi

Chemically burnt by cruel students, Maxi is a sweet and strong little dog 

Cat Buttercup

Rescue Buttercup

How a wheelchair changed this little furball's life

Dog Archie

Rescue Archie

Left howling in pain when struck by a motorbike, dog Archie gets the care he desperately needed

Dog Kaya

Rescue Kaya

She grew into a gentle character, who now helps teenagers in need

Kitten Roxy

Rescue Roxy

Found as a malnourished little kitten on the streets of Cambodia

Veronica suffered from a severe skin infection

Rescue Veronica

Suffering from a severe skin disease and starvation, Veronica was a sad sight and needed urgent help

Hazel and Diana

Rescue Hazel and Diana

Two baby kittens that were thrown away like garbage

Meet more rescues

help us end the dog and cat meat trade

Join over 1 million people to help us and local NGOs to take cats and dogs off the menu!

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