The future of meat is shifting to plant and cell-based products 

For many people across the world, eating meat, dairy and eggs is part of their daily diet. However, these great-tasting food leaves behind a bad taste of animal cruelty during the food production. More and more of us no longer accept this. 

if similar products were made available, which didn’t involve animal slaughter, yet are just as juicy, full of flavour and looked quite similar? From bleeding burgers to juicy steaks, food innovation has never been such a hot topic as it is today! Explore more about the meat successors, which are paving the way for animal friendlier choices worldwide. 

A new meat on the horizon  

Science developed artificial meat without killing animals

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A new meat on the horizon

What is 'Clean Meat'?

Meat production without killing animals: background info on 'Clean Meat'

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Dr Mark Post

Interview with Alison Rabschnuk

'The Good Food Institute' promotes plant-based and 'Cultivated Meat' as alternatives to industrial animal agriculture

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Alison Rabschnuk

FAQs about 'Cultivated Meat'

What you should know about meat production without killing animals

FAQs about 'Cultivated Meat'

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Vegan, plant based burgers

The Rise of Meat Successors

Will plant-based food revolutionise the food market in 2020?

Slaying the Protein Myths

Slaying the Protein Myths

Things you should know about plant-based protein

JUST – a company which gives chickens a smile

Interview Josh Balk

JUST – a company which gives chickens a smile


Are animal-free alternatives good for us?

Are these animal-free alternatives good for us?


Interview John Bayley

Secret insights from a compassionate catering service

Organic vegetables


Easy, delicious, plant-based recipes for you and your loved one

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Girl and cow

Animal Welfare & Nutrition

FOUR PAWS promotes to reduce, refine and replace animal products


What you need to know about Vitamin B12

Care is especially important for vegetarians and vegans


delicious recipes

Animal-friendly, tasty, and easy to cook

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