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urgent appeals

Dog in a cage

Let’s close down this dog slaughterhouse!

One million dogs have been killed here since its opening in 1995. Help us close down this slaughterhouse to save thousands of dogs.

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Bears Suzie and Bubloo need support

Support Bears suzie & Bubloo's Recovery

We rescued former 'dancing bears' Suzie and Bubloo from a rundown Marghazar Zoo in Pakistan. Now their journey to recovery begins.

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Cat in cages, victims of the dog and cat meat trade

help us close cat slaughterhouses

Millions of cats are brutally killed every year in cat slaughterhouses across Southeast Asia. Help us close down these facilities to rescue cats in need.

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Bile bear caged in a bile bear farm

help us rescue more bears in vietnam

Help us rescue and protect more bears like Lam, La, Sang, Khe, Dua, Oi and Xoai. Help us save more #saddestbears.

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Lion Mario

Let's rescue more animals in 2021

Our work for animals never stops. Help us achieve more in 2021 as we continue to reveal their suffering, rescue and protect those in need.

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Dogs feeding program

share a can of kindness

Street dogs, dependent on our society for their basic needs, are starving as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown measures and desperately searching for food.

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Stray dogs

Stray animals need our help!

No animal willingly becomes a homeless stray. Millions of street animals across the world have nowhere to turn to, suffering and hungry.  

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Baby orangutan

Give orphans the chance to live

Made orphans by human activities, our baby orangutans need skilled and long-term care to one day live a life in the wild.

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contribute to a better world for animals

Your contribution helps to ensure a better life for animals all around the world. Without you, our work would be impossible. 

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Happy bear

Leave a gift in your will

Consider leaving a gift to us. Your generosity will help us care for vulnerable and neglected animals, long into the future.

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Bile bear caged in a bile bear farm

Save abused bears from a lifetime of misery

In Vietnam, hundreds of black bears live terrible and lonely lives in excruciating pain. Its time to give these bears the freedom they deserve.

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